Financial Services

Endless possibilities with data for Financial Services and Insurance.

Data is enabling banks to do more than they ever have. Banks have used data to understand customers and target them with personalized offerings and experiences, view and mitigate enterprise risk, elevate operational performance and improve regulatory compliance. Transformation of Financial Services sector augmented by leveraging emerging technologies.

Designing Applications for Operational Resilience for Banks and Insurance Agencies. Several AI and ML technologies hold promise to test operational resiliency of banks.

  • Averting service disruption
  • Predicting ATM outages
  • Reducing bank fraud
  • Eliminating operational risk

With Design Thinking at its core, Tanson is in the pursuit of not only solving the known problem, but also identifying hidden issues, which could open up new possibilities. Innovative offerings in automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are redefining the way we help clients address business challenges.